Forum Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of
Diplomatic Relations between Korea and Canada
(Dec 2, 2023)

2023 Career Networking Event
Do Dream Talk Concert
(May 27, 2023)

BINGO Next-Generation Networking Event (Dec 9, 2022)

Anti-racism in Everyday Life

2022 Korean Immigrants’ Day – Korean Immigrants Network

Anti-racism at School

Anti-racism for Parents 2

Anti-racism for Parents 1

Anti-racism at Work

WE CARE – The Prevention of Senior Abuse

Family Counselling

Senior Abuse Prevention

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

2021 KCWA’s The Next-Generation Networking

KCWA Introduction

Do you know KCWA?

Season’s Greeting Message from KCWA

We Are With You-2

Mini-orchestra (KCWA Hope Project)

Pen-friend (KCWA Hope Project)

Museum of Hope (KCWA Hope Project)

Message from KCWA

Love with Basket

Act Now (Project)

Empower Us Project-Introduction

Empower Us Project -My British Friend Who Awakened My Patriotism

Empower Us Project -Challenge Towards Happiness

Empower Us Project -Drive With Pride

Empower Us Project -My Journey in Canada-Valuable Life

Empower Us Project -To Second Generation Immigrants

Building the Korean-Canadian Community, One Person at a Time

2019 KCWA’s  AGM & Open House

KCWA Volunteer’s Voice

2018 Career Networking with Government Employees

Informative Conference for Academic Staff, Agents for Korean Students (Marijuana) 1

Informative Conference for Academic Staff, Agents for Korean Students (Marijuana) 2

Korean Immigrants Day 2018

KCWA Arirang Gala 2018

KCWA Arirang Gala 2017

KCWA Arirang Gala 2017

Korean Immigrants Day 2017

KCWA Arirang Gala 2016

Health & Wellness Day 2015

Senior Fair 2015

Senior Fair 2015

Senior Fair 2015

Free One-on-One Legal Consulation 2015

Health & Wellness Day 2014

Education Fair 2014

PGP Project Workshop 2013

FEM Project 2012

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