Approximately 50% of the population residing in Toronto is comprised of immigrants. Immigrants from all over the world reside in Toronto while preserving their diverse cultural beliefs and practices. As such, it is reasonable to characterize Toronto as a symbol of ‘multiculturalism’. Multiculturalism and diversity can be easily perceived in our local environments, making it relatively easy to experience and enjoy new cultural experiences.

Korea Town

Korea Town is located between the Christie and Bathurst subway stations. In Korea Town, various Korean restaurants, grocery marts, internet cafés, bookstores, and karaoke locations may be found. Since 2000, a significant portion of the Korean-Canadian population began to relocate to the North York region, resulting in the establishment of an alternative Korea Town in the North York area. The majority of the North York Korean Town lies between the Sheppard and Finch subway stations. Furthermore, various Korean establishments exist from Yonge towards the north of Steeles.

China Town

The Chinese-Canadian community is the largest visible minority group in Toronto. The traditional China Town is located downtown and can be reached by taking a street car from the Spadina subway station southwards for approximately 10 minutes. Moreover, a large portion of immigrants from Hong Kong and Taiwan reside in both Markham and Richmond Hill. A central Chinese-Canadian commercial hotspot is Pacific Mall, which is located at the intersection of Kennedy and Steeles. Another commercial hotspot is Times Square, located west of Highway 7 and Leslie.

Greek Town

Greek Town is located between the Broadway and Pape subway stations and is comprised of various Greek restaurants, cafés, boutiques, and more. In the summer, residents and visitors can enjoy outdoor patio cafés and numerous street performances. Moreover, the Taste of Danforth festival is held annually on the second weekend of August. In the past, this outdoor eatery festival has consistently attracted large groups of visitors.

Little Italy

Established by Italian immigrants in Toronto, Little Italy is comprised of various cafés, restaurants, bakeries, and more. Little Italy can be reached by taking a subway from the College subway station and exiting near Dufferin.

Additional information regarding the diverse communities in Toronto can be obtained on the Toronto City website.

Festivals / Performances / Sports

Throughout the year, festivals of various sizes and contents take place in Toronto. By participating in these diverse festivals, one can better enjoy and experience the many dimensions of Toronto. You can learn more about various upcoming events and festivals through the City of Toronto website.

Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)

The Toronto Film Festival is held annually in September and hosts a diverse collection of movies from all over the world. In fact, a Korean movie is presented at TIFF every year. More information can be obtained at TIFF’s website.

Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival

The Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival is an annual music festival, which is held from late June to early July. The festival allows residents and visitors to enjoy diverse Jazz music as well as enjoy the Toronto summer nights. More information can be obtained at the Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival website.

Carassauga Festival

It is Canada’s largest multicultural festival, held every year for three days around the end of May. At this festival, you can experience the history, culture and food of various countries.

Canadian National Exhibition(CNE)

Every summer, the Canadian National Exhibition transforms the Toronto harbour into a playground for the entire family. The Canadian National Exhibition provides a wide variety of entertainment, events, attractions, and food. More information can be obtained at the Canadian National Exhibition website.

Taste of the Danforth

Taste of the Danforth is a yearly festival held in the Greek town. It is currently Canada’s largest street festival and it celebrates Greek food and culture. This event generally occurs the second weekend of August. Approximately 2 kilometres of Danforth Avenue is closed from Broadview Avenue to past Jones Avenue for the festival. More information can be obtained at the Taste of  the Danforth website.

Beyond the aforementioned festivals, Toronto hosts many more festivals throughout the year. For more information, please visit.

Santa Parade

It’s a world-class festival that began in 1905. The Annual Santa Parade in November attracts thousands of participants in fantastic animated floats, bands and traditional costumes as they march through the streets of downtown.



In Toronto, it is possible to enjoy almost every well-known sport in North America.

Major League Baseball (MLB)

Toronto is home to the Toronto Bluejays, who won the World Series for two consecutive years in the 1990s. Major League Baseball games usually run from spring to the fall. Visitors can enjoy Toronto home games at the Rogers Centre, which was formerly known as the Sky Dome.

National Hockey League (NHL)

Toronto is home to the Toronto Maple Leafs, who have displayed good performance every year. Home games in Toronto are held at the Scotiabank Arena, formerly known as the Air Canada Centre.

National Basketball Association (NBA)

Canadians are the most enthusiastic about ice hockey. Like soccer for Koreans, ice hockey is an integral component of the lives of Canadians. You can meet famous basketball players even in Toronto. The city is home to the Toronto Raptors and games are held at Scotiabank Arena, formerly known as the Air Canada Centre.

Toronto Open

Each year, the world’s highest ranking tennis stars visit Toronto to play in tournaments. Female and male tournaments are held in Toronto every other year on a rotating basis. Tournaments usually take place for a week between the end of July and early August. More information can found at here.

Parks / Camping / Leisure and Sports

In comparison to other nations, Canada has an abundance of natural resources, parks, and greenery. As such, numerous families regularly visit Toronto’s parks on weekends. Furthermore, from spring to fall, there are numerous parks and camping sites available for camping and picnics.

Farms in Ontario

There are many types of farms in Ontario. You can discover agricultural oriented attractions in the form of day-trip style outings which can last an hour, a weekend or more. You will experience on-farm markets, pick-your-own, farmers’ markets, farm gate honey producers, local meats, wineries, craft breweres, fairs and much more. For more information, please here

Ontario Provincial Park

If you want to experience the Canadian nature beyond the city, Ontario provincial parks are highly recommended. There are diverse parks dispersed throughout Ontario. While some are only an hour drive away from the city, other parks are approximately 3-4 hours away. Ontario provincial parks are optimal locations for camping, canoeing, hiking, swimming, and more. For more information, please here

National Parks of Canada

In Canada, there are private, provincial, and federal parks. Even within Ontario, there are specific parks that are federally designated as National Parks of Canada. For more information regarding the National Parks of Canada throughout the Canadian provinces, please visit the official website of the National Parks of Canada.

Toronto Parks, Camping, and Community Leisure & Sports

Throughout the city, there are various parks available to visitors for walks, picnics, and light exercise. For additional information, please here. Moreover, regional community centres provide instructional classes for various leisure & sports such as swimming, aerobics, and skating.

Learn-to Camp Experiences

Camping is the best way to fully experience and enjoy Canada’s nature. Affordable programs offered through Learn to Camp allows you to book camping sites and rent camping equipment. Learn how to plan and enjoy safe and successful camping trips. For more information, please click here.

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