We encounter many challenges throughout our lives, big and small. It is especially difficult when we feel we are alone and have nowhere to turn to for support.

KCWA Family Team provides confidential counselling services to individuals and families experiencing diverse life challenges. We also accompany our clients through their recovery journey by providing translation and interpretation support as they navigate through community resources to meet their needs.

If you require counselling support, please call KCWA at 416-340-1234 and ask for Family Team or send an kcwa@kcwa.net

Counselling Areas

  • Crisis Intervention/ Supportive Counselling
  • Group and Couple counselling
  • Short-term (Goal-focused) Counselling
  • Mid and long-term Counselling for Emotional Well-being and Healing
  • Sexual Assault Counselling
  • Dependent / Children Support Counselling
  • Individual Phone and Web-based Counselling
  • Development of Safety Strategies and Plans
  • Provisions of Information on Rights, Options and Available Services
  • Referral to Community Support Services
  • Follow-up Support

Useful Links

  • The Assaulted Women’s Helpline                                                                           416-863-0511 / 416-364-8762 (TTY)
  • Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic                                                                   416-323-9149 / 416-323-1361 (TTY)

Request for Counselling Service

Please call KCWA at 416-340-1234 and ask for Family Team or send an email at kcwa@kcwa.net

Contact Us

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