2020 Career Networking – IT Career Development Pathways & Beyond

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KCWA Family and Social Services will be holding an “IT Career Development Pathways & Beyond”, 2020 career networking event in November 2020. This event provides opportunities for Korean immigrants and Korean-Canadian young adults to get tips on preparing a career in the IT industry in Canada. It is an excellent opportunity to listen to lived experiences from IT professionals who are currently working in various IT related fields.

The event will be divided into two parts: 1. Online presentations, and 2. Small group in-person networking.
The guest speakers’ presentations will be held online in mid-November, and the small group (up to 10 people per group) in-person networking will take place at the end of November at the KCWA Bathurst-Finch office.
The opportunity to connect with the guest speakers in person will be given to those who successfully complete the pre-registration.
The event is hosted by the Consulate General Republic of Korea in Toronto and sponsored by the Overseas Koreans Foundation.

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